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hege blaecker


"If you are looking for that person who will change your life–look in the mirror”

25 years ago I got a life changing opportunity. Instead of being looked up in a 9-6 job and 5 weeks of vacation, I got offered to work whenever I wanted, with whomever, wherever I wanted. Coming from an entrepreneur family and knowing how much work it is and how much time it takes to run your own company–I was completely fascinated about this business idea.

I decided that this would be my future. This was the opportunity for me to be “free like a bird”. To be free, to decide your own days and and to be able to build up a residual income are privileges most people are just dreaming of.

To live the life you want to and not to live your “boss”life or be forced to working somewhere–just because you need to pay your bills–are situations most of us know.


I would like to tell you that you, exactly like me, have the change to change your life if you want to and become the creator of your own future. I would love to be by your side and help you make it come true. I have coached more than 10.000 people to a better life quality in different countries and now it is your turn.

“If you are looking for that person who will chance your life–look in the mirror”

Can’t wait to hear from you


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