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"Big things often have small beginnings"

live your dream

My name is Hege Bläcker, I’m happily married to Lutz and a mother of two fantastic boys.

I’m a girl with a passion for everything that life has to offer, with big dreams and a burning desire to reach them.

I grew up in a small town in Norway. That’s where my journey already started when I was 14 years old. Sitting on the school bus passing my parents car company on my way home from school. Then one guy on the bus said to me......"I wish that your dads company goes bankrupt..."Some other people started laughing....It was an akward situation–I felt different.... and I thought, what is he saying, how can you say something like this?!?

How can you not wish someone success–but instead you want to see someone failing?!? That’s when I understood that the world ”out there” can be very cold... and that everyone was not thinking like me and in the way I was support and cheer each other up.

A big turning moment for me in my life was my when I went to the US. My dream had always been to study in America and when I was finished with High School my parents made it possible for me to study at The American University in Washington DC.

I loved it there – the friendly atmosphere between people – the encouraging mentality – that it was ok to be good at something –The American Dream.... I felt at home...

After returning from the US I finished my studies in Norway and made my degree in Business Administration with focus on International Business.


Since I always been very interested in fashion, the first years after studying I spend working in the fashion industry. The last 25 years I had the pleasure of meeting, working with and coaching people in many countries. I have met far too many not believing in them selves. Not thinking that they can make it.


I have met so many people that due to a lack of self confidence or support from the closest people around them, don’t take the step in the direction they really want to. Ihave often heard people saying that it does not work, you can not do this, you should not do this, you should be happy for what you have and so on and so........


During these years I have found my passion–the importance of positive thinking, a positive environment and a you can do itmentality! I love coaching people that everything is possible! To not limit yourself! All the best to You.


Be who You are! You are Unique and You Can Do It!

Love to hear from you.




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